Luscious Gentlemen

So it’s the one we all have been waiting for… introducing the Luscious Gentlemen!   Two gentlemen asked me to teach them burlesque a few years ago.  I had never taught men before, but I thought why not?  I did a separate class for them as I thought at the time that was the right way to go about it, however when it came to the dress rehearsal, I found I was wrong!  The Luscious Ladies were so encouraging towards the Luscious Gentlemen and the same camaraderie developed between each performer: whether your were male or female really didn’t matter.  I realised that both men and women have the same body confidence issues and burlesque can help to celebrate how wonderful you are as a person.  I now welcome men into the class and no one cares, each student spends the class focusing on the routine and getting it right and developing their own burlesque character.  Which leads us nicely to our Luscious Gentlemen …

Harvey H Hendricks  – Everyone’s favourite stage kitten.

Harvey came to being in the very first show I helped produce and he went on to stage kitten many more Luscious Nights.  During the opening night for “A Little Cabaret”, the compere Gemma Layton challenged Harvey to strip to help warm up the crowd.  There was a look of sheer panic and confusion on his face.  So he did what every well trained actor does, he winged it – and he winged it very well!  It was only a matter of time before he put together his own routine. Harvey H Hendricks took to the stage as a dedicated follower of fashion and revealed his love of lingérée.  He was wonderful, it was interesting having Harvey in class and helping him develop his act.  Off-stage, Harvey was quite shy and quiet; even though he was an actor and used to the stage he still required the same care and attention given to someone who had never danced or performed on stage before.  His act was a triumph and the audience loved seeing another side to the magnificent Harvey H Hendricks.

3. A cheeky Harvey Strip

Photo – Paul Singer –

Vince Moon – From Audience member to star of the show

Vince Moon was a regular at “A Little Cabaret” which ran from April 2012 – November 2012 at The Cavendish Arms in Stockwell. We would even hold the show until he arrived.  When Luscious Productions moved to The Battersea Mess and Music Hall, he made the fatal mistake of offering to help out.  He earned himself the position of chief chair and table arranger and door person.  It was around this time that he made his second fatal mistake of saying “I would quite like to do my own act.”  Within weeks himself and Harvey H Hendricks had boas on and were in class.  Vince’s act is one of my Mum’s favourite cabaret acts (and she’s seen a lot).  His characterisation and use of props was awesome, while his attention to detail was spot on and there was no appearance of nerves on stage: just full on confidence!  As a rugby player he finished his act perfectly with a pint!


Dickie Dalliance – The Husband

When this young man approached me about taking classes I could not contain my excitement.  I had taught his wife Good Ness Gracious a couple of years earlier so this meant I got my first set!  He was so excited and could not wait for the show.  His enthusiasm in class was infectious, he even bought a pair of heels specially.  A couple of the classes fell on the tube strike, which meant one of the classes had only two people in it.  The two people were Dickie and Miss Hootchy Kootchy – so I adapted the routine we were doing halfway through the class to make it a duet!  They were in time with each other from the very start, and by the end of the class they decided to perform the duet at the final showcase.  These two are so smiley and two of the loveliest people you will ever meet –  naturally we decided they should be mean to each other on stage!  Rehearsals were hilarious, they kept apologising to each other, smiling when they weren’t meant to and giggling.  But they worked on it and were pretty mean to each other on stage on the night, by the end of the routine they made up and their natural smiles shone through.


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It’s great when students team up.  Dickie Dalliance also performed his own routine that night.  It was awesome, but I’m not going to tell you too much about his solo… I’m going to tell you to go and see it instead.  He will be competing in Burlesque Idol on 30th September and I can’t wait!  You can book your tickets via –

I realise that I have gone on a bit too much so I’m going to save our last two Luscious Gents for next week.  The assassin and the bouncer.  

Have a fabulous weekend! xx