Luscious Ladies – part two

Happy Friday!  Last week we celebrated Miss Hootchy Kootchy’s smile, how La Foile Avril went from duets to solos and how Miss GoodNess Gracious went from Luscious Lady to award winning burlesque performer.  This week as promised we have tales of entertaining the pub locals, fire, cherry blossoms and our very first Luscious Lady.

Miss Papillon – Our first Luscious Lady

All the way back in 2011, this lovely lady joined a group of friends who took part in the very first course.  We had a very Foxy duet (more about them in another blog) and a fabulous fever trio.  But Miss Papillon was the very first Luscious solo performer.  I was overcome with pride and joy to see her on stage.  A sexy and gorgeous routine to Nina Simone’s Feeling Good in a stunning vintage wedding dress!  Miss Papillon is an actress and once burlesque was on her CV she was offered some very interesting jobs after her debut on stage.


Miss Papillon
Photo by Sinead Quinn

What is Miss Papillon doing now?  She is now part of comedy/clown duo The Kagools.  The Kagools did a few guest appearances in other Luscious Nights.  It is amazing to see them going from strength to strength.  As we speak they are returning from an awesome Australian tour.  Make sure you go and see them when they return to British shores!



The Kagools –


Miss Cherry Blossom – The performer that blossomed

When drafting this blog I realised how apt Miss Cherry Blossom’s name is.  Miss Cherry Blossom came to class after being inspired by her friend who had done the course before her.  A gorgeous lady inside and out, but a nervous lady.  Something I see quite often and of which I am also guilty: second guessing.  We all have a tendency to second guess ourselves, even when we are doing things right and as a result we are unnecessarily hard on ourselves.  But Miss Cherry Blossom, even with her second guesses, prepared and put together a routine for her first show.  There was a moment before the show where I felt I had to say if she didn’t want to do the show she didn’t have to.

So when Miss Cherry Blossom first stepped on stage I was over the moon and so happy for her.  She overcame stage fright and strutted out of her comfort zone and loved it!  Not only did she love it, she came back course after course and grew in confidence and truly blossomed.  It was a privilege and a joy to watch the transformation.

23.Miss Cherry BlossomPhoto Paul Singer –


Rita Rumbles –  Setting the stage alight

Rita joined classes in the first year of the course.  A dancer who wanted to do everything!  All of the moves taught in class she wanted to add to her routine.  Her first routine was a fabulous fast paced dance routine, after which she then slowed it down with a sleek and sexy routine ending with a fan dance.  Rita likes to try out different things and wants to try different styles until she hits on the routine that is right for her.   What was to become my favourite Rita Rumbles routine is also my favourite act development one to one.

Me: “So what are you thinking of doing?”

Rita Rumbles (nervously): “Well, I was thinking of being a fireman.”

Me: “That’s Class!”

This does happen quite a bit, that students are nervous about sharing their act ideas.  I am open to any ideas.  Burlesque can be anything!  Yesterday I watched an act which was based on Garth from Waynes World.  It can be sexy, silly, cute, serious, powerful and above all fun!

Back to Rita, she decided to become a fireman complete with bell, hose & hat.  Everytime I see this routine it makes me smile.  Especially as I can see how much Rita Rumbles enjoys performing it too!


Paul Singer

Photo – Paul Singer –

Vee Vee Semillon – From “no, it’s not my thing” to entertaining the pub locals

Vee Vee was a friend’s girlfriend.  After months of meeting in the pub and me being as persuasive as I could  (this took around 6 months) Vee Vee made it to class.  She came to the teasing class and the routine was to Rumble by Link Wray.  As I had anticipated she loved it.  So much so after the class she was in the pub and performed the routine to a couple and was asked if she fancied a threesome.  So when Vee Vee couldn’t decide what to do for the showcase we decided Rumble was the routine.  The crowd went wild!


Photo –


After this show she went on to develop her own acts and began performing across London.  She is now co producer of Hooray Cabaret, MILK and VV Events.  Vee Vee can also be found supporting almost every show London has to offer.  What a Luscious transformation: from reluctant burlesque student to Cabaret tycoon!  



Hooray Cabaret’s next show – 16th June – hooray

There are many more Luscious Ladies I need to give a shout out to.  But first, let’s turn our attention to our delightful Luscious Gentlemen.  Next week I’ll be telling tales of rugby, kittens, bouncers, heart ache and assassins ….
If you want to see our next round of Luscious Students join us on Thursday 7th July at The Four Thieves pub.

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