Luscious Ladies

Today on the Luscious Blog we are celebrating some of our fabulous Luscious Ladies from courses past.  There are so many that we couldn’t possibly give them all credit in one post – so keep an eye out for Part 2! I have had the pleasure of teaching some truly wonderful ladies who through their burlesque classes have grown in confidence, with some going on to perform in London and across the world and one even going on to run her own cabaret nights across London and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! So here’s to our amazing alumni:


Luscious Lady number 1 – La Foile Avril

I met this Lady at The Cavendish Arms and she was planning her 50th Birthday party, which had a burlesque theme.  As a result of this meeting I ended up organising a burlesque show for her 50th Party and she began taking burlesque classes.  During the first course she teamed up with another Luscious lady and they did a little duet, with a stocking peel as their first routine.


Photo courtesy Paul Singer –

Then a year or two later (she is a very busy lady) she returned to class and created a Goldfinger themed routine which was funny, sexy and absolutely fabulous!  Avril’s fun loving character really came through when she hit the stage and all the worries she felt before going on melted away.  It was a stunning routine and I was so proud of her progress, from convincing herself the only way to be on stage was with another person all the way to doing her own routine from scratch and receiving a standing ovation!

26. Cold FingerPhoto courtesy Paul Singer –

Luscious Lady number 2 –  Good Ness Gracious


Good Ness Gracious had been to see a friend of hers in a show a couple of years before she began classes with me.  She had such enthusiasm and could not wait to get onto the stage to show us all what she could do.  The act she put together is an act she still performs today across the UK and in Italy!  Yes, this Luscious Lady is an International Luscious Lady!  She has made appearances in various Luscious events over the years.  Coming runner up in Burlesuque Idol 2014 and winning the Neo Burlesque awards in 2015 with her Drag King act.  Her routines are clever, funny and well, very Luscious – especially her drag act!


Good Ness Gracious

Photo by Jo Denison

Luscious Lady number 3 –  Miss Hootchy Kootchy

This is my favourite Luscious Picture.  Miss Hootchy Kootchy, has been coming to classes on and off for the past couple of years.  She loves a last minute routine.  Every time I am met with “I don’t have anything at the moment, but I will for the show”  And every time she did have a routine for the show and a fabulous smile to match.  Each time she stepped on to the stage the look of joy is always there – even when she was trying to be sultry.  We love you and your smile Miss Hootchy Kootchy!


12. Miss Hootchy Kootchy 2

Photo courtesy Paul Singer –

So that is it for this week.  Next week we’ll be telling tales of entertaining the pub locals, fire, cherry blossoms and our very first Luscious Lady.  We haven’t forgotten our Luscious Gentlemen, they will have their very own blog post coming soon …